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So why did I start this page?

So I used to play Warhammer 40K back as a child when 3rd edition was around. I never played competitively (because I was a child) and didn’t really have many larger units as money was tight. When I pocket money rather than saving it for a big model I used to buy a small box like a bike or troops. (Ah memories of £5 bike / 5 man troop’s boxes).

I got back into it after talking to a neighbour at a party when his son had started playing it. I dug out my old bits to give him some and I played a few games. It quickly came back to me that it’s really a lot of fun.

Here we are now, I have gathered a large collection over the last 3-5 years of playing it again. I’ve got few different armies but the faction which I mostly play with is Chaos.

As was 7th edition you were always playing catch up but when 8th Edition dropped it levelled the playing field and I felt like I could jump in and start fresh.

I did this with Death Guard as they were part of the starter set and all new models. (My humble 3rd Edition Plague Marines look very dated now!). Then Nurgle Daemons got a lot of new models and really the army has just grown from then.

I thought I would start a page on my Warhammer 40000 armies. Giving reasons why I have choose particular units and to allow others to keep up with what I’m planning next.

I will add photos as and where I can. I’m not a winning painter, I paint to a good table top level most of the time so my army is painted when I play. 

Thank you for reading and welcome to the site!

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