So I have played a few more games with my death guard since the Warhammer World Gt finals in preparation for the next Warhammer World GT in April.

Some of my previous battle reports can be found here.

Last night I played the list below against Ultra-marines and I was pretty happy how it played. I didn’t take enough notes or pictures to do a report but I came out on top only just.

Dave who I played against is a good player and practicing with his list for another tournament too, so it was a full power list, with Guilliman, Tigurius, Cassius, lots of aggressors, a couple of repulsor’s and a thunder fire cannon plus other bits.   

So my list

Detachment 1 – Daemon Battalion

Great Unclean One – Bell and Bile blade


3 x units of 3 nurglings

Detachment 2 – Daemon Battalion



2 x units of 3 nurglings

1 x units of 4 nurglings

Detachment 3 – Death Guard Outrider

Daemon Prince with Wings, Talon, Suppurating Plate relic and Revoltingly resilient Warlord trait.

3 x foetid bloat drone all with Plaguespitters

2 x units of 3 Blight haulers

Total 1998 Points

The blight haulers work as a mini knight. 24 wounds 3+/5++ but with 5+++ DR. 3 multi-melta shots and 3 rocket launchers plus the random bile spurt for fun. They hit on BS 3+ but when they lose one the drop to BS 4+. Which isn’t too bad really. The have some combat ability with the unit getting 12 attacks at WS4+ S6 -2ap 1d, whilst being -1 to hit in combat they can be mega annoying for your opponents for just 302 points.

This why I thought I would add the second unit of these since my last couple of games

Everything in the list has a 5+ invul and 5+ DR which makes it difficult to shift if my dice are only half kind to me. If they are on my side my opponent has no chance of tabling me.

This is still an army which is designed to play the mission but it does have a little bit more bite to take out bigger targets which I have struggled with in the past.

Get close quick, get on those objectives quick and hold them! You can tag things in combat knowing you have some combat ability with everything.

The Ultramarines hurt me with this tactics as they can pull out of combat and still shoot. But not many armies can do that.

Possible Changes / Tweaks

After the game I have had two thoughts about changes.

1 – Drop the Poxbringer and a nurgling bases from my second battalion in favour for a CSM sorcerer with the mark of Nurgle to make it a Nurgle detachment.  I will lose the Loci on the bilepiper but honestly he should be close to the GUO which will be giving that buff to the surrounding units away. By adding in a sorcerer I gain access to ‘Prescience and diabolic strength’ powers. Both are good buffing powers to the daemon Prince against a tough target or prescience on a healthy unit of haulers will make them hit on 2+.

2- Drop one of the three Foetid bloat drones, and replace it with a dual butcher cannon Contemptor. They are the same points so it’s a straight swap and doesn’t affect the detachment. It would then give me another shooting options when I face non marine forces. The weaker chaff units fall so quickly to a butcher cannon. I lose a little of my combat and resilience with this but it gives me a ranged option to clear an object if required.

 What am I hoping to achieve with this list?

At the Warhammer World GT heat last year I went 3W-1D-1L. At the Finals I went 3W-2D-1L.

The Warhammer World GT in April is 5 games, so my aim is to get 4 wins and / or Top Chaos. It’s a big task but if you have to have something to work towards!

What’s my biggest fear!

I need to get a test game against some Grey Knights. As everything in my list has the daemon key word I think they are the army to avoid.   

Thank you for reading and I will let you know have the next change goes.