Deathwatch (Cooper) vs Death Guard (Matt)
Location Alpha Games
GT test game

Death Guard List:

Death Guard Battalion Detachment

Daemon Prince – Wings, talon

Chaos Lord – Chain Sword / Fist

3 units of 10 poxwalkers

2 x Bloat drones spitters

1 unit of 3 blight haulers

1 unit of 4 Deathshroud Terminators

1 Foul Blightspawn

1 Land Raider (Model borrowed for test)

Nurgle Daemon Battalion

Great Unclean one – Bell and bile blade

Pox bringer

3 x units of 3 nurglings

Death Watch List

Battalion Detachment

Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought Twin lascannon, Dreadnought combat weapon, Storm bolter

Primaris Watch Captain Bane Bolts of Eryxia Master-crafted stalker bolt rifle & bolt pistol

Primaris Watch Captain Castellan of the Black Vault, Power sword, Warlord
 Master-crafted stalker bolt rifle & bolt pistol

Intercessors – 4x Intercessor: Stalker Bolt Rifle, Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword, Stalker Bolt Rifle

Intercessors – 5 x Hellblaster: Plasma incinerator, 4 x Intercessor: Bolt rifle, Intercessor Sergeant: Bolt rifle, Chainsword

Veterans – Veteran: Deathwatch Shotgun, Storm shield, 2 x Veteran: Storm Bolter, Storm shield, 4 x Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Deathwatch Frag Cannon, Watch Sergeant: Boltgun, Storm shield

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought Two twin lascannons

Battalion Detachment

Watch Captain Jump Pack, Storm shield, Thunder hammer

Watch Master

Intercessors – Aggressor Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, 8 x Intercessor: Stalker Bolt Rifle, Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword, Stalker Bolt Rifle

Intercessors – 4x  Aggressor Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, 4 x Intercessor: Auto Bolt Rifle, Intercessor Sergeant: Auto Bolt Rifle, Chainsword

Veterans – Terminator Power Axe and Stormbolter: Power axe, Storm Bolter, Terminator Power Sword and Stormbolter: Power sword, Storm Bolter, Terminator Power Maul and Stormbolter: Power maul, Storm Bolter, 5 x Veteran: Storm Bolter, Storm shield, Watch Sergeant: Power axe, Storm Bolter
1 x Drop Pod Storm bolter

Cooper Won the roll off and decided to be the Attacker and I failed to seize.

The mission is clear,

Turn 1 Death Watch (Cooper)

With the mission all about troops and characters he decided to put a character with every kill team with the exception of his Hellblaster kill team who lingered at the back ready to lend support to any one struggling.
The chaplain dread and shield vets moved to secure the right flank objective, there Matt had a lot of his anti-tank weapons and I knew they would be able to tank the damage from the land raider and blight haulers, on the left flank he landed the drop pod with the watch master and frag teams on the objective to make it hard for Matt to take whilst he moved the aggressor kill team up the middle to claim central objective.
Shooting phase saw the contemptor rip into a bloat drone along with frag cannons getting 1st strike, the aggressors turned a blob of pox walkers to mulch and the chaplain and shield vets pump shots into blight haulers but fail to do any real damage.
Meanwhile the stalkers prove that wounding monsters on 2s is one of best tricks of the Deathwatch but the stalker captains fail to harm it.
Matts saves and resilience saves were utterly on point.

Turn 1 Death Guard

Objectives are key in this mission and getting my characters on them was priority.

Movement saw the land raider power forward to be better positioned to off load its rotting payload turn 2.  The hauler moved forward toward the incoming terminator unit and to try and stop that Chaplin dread from reaching its targeted objective. This also moved the haulers out of line of sight from a lot of the Death Watch shooting.  The DP went the other way towards another objective and the drop pod with an idea of how to shut down those frag canons before they unleash the pain I know they are capable of.

With the Death Watch having no way to deny any powers the physic phase was quick and I could be a little more wreck less with my positioning. The GUO (Albert as he shall now be known, Thanks Cooper) healed 2 wounds. The terminator unit were hit by a smite and the DP got the -1 to hit. Not knowing whether to put it on either the GUO or the DP. The DP got it as he was over on his own a little.

Shooting made the first error apparent. The chaos lord should have got out before the land raider moved to grant that and my haulers re-rolls on 1’s. There wasn’t much to shoot so all the shots went into the Terminator kill team in front. The hope was to kill the troops so the lascannons could get to the Chaplin dread but that was not to be. The amount of 1’s rolled just highlighted the movement error.

With no units killed in the shooting phase first strike was looking bleak. In desperation the haulers assaulted the kill team. In fairness to them they did a good job only leaving one terminator alive. Unfortunately that one terminator made the unit fearless so first strike was not meant to be.

The DP charged into the drop pod which put him onto the objective to start the character counter. He did 8 wounds on the drop pod and piled into the frag cannon unit tagging them. The attacks back were the risk I was willing to take. This turned out well as he was able to bounds some moral wounds back to them.

End Turn 3 – 2 Death Guard

Turn 2 Death Watch

With Matt moving his land raider into the open on the right flank Cooper could spring his trap, the contemptor opened up and scored 4 hits causing 15 wounds and with the additional Mortal wound  from the jump captain and his tempest shell it’s threat was ended. Matt decided to explode the raider causing many mortal wounds to himself and 2 to the chaplain dread but saved 1 from his Feel no pain, then with the combined weight of the chaplains lascannon fire and stalker bolters the great unclean one named Albert got eradicated back to the warp.
In the centre the aggressors failed to kill the bloat drone but held the objective.
The watch Captain teleported the hell blaster kill team to shore up the defensive line on the right.
With the Daemon Prince utterly shutting down the frag cannons without them even firing a single shot in over watch was a big problem on the left flank and one he couldn’t really deal with, the Watchmaster was never going to kill him so he was held him back to contest the objective and dropped the frags out of combat. In hindsight it was done poorly and with him not taking proper care to get them far enough away from the Daemon Prince where they could of avoided them getting tagged again, the drop pod died this round of combat.
Seeing the blight haulers had 1 terminator in combat both watch Captain and Dreadnought charged. The combined damage saw one hauler dead and another very broken. He was shocked how many wounds that unit had.

Turn 2 Death Guard

At the start of this turn things are looking bad, the Land raider is gone (quicker than I had hoped). Albert (GUO) had been sent back to the warp. The Haulers were still in combat. The remaining deathshroud, chaos lord and foul blightspawn. Moved towards an objective.

With Albert gone the physic phase was quicker. The DP smited the frag cannon unit. With these mortal wounds and the models which were removed freed up the DP from being in combat. Ihe poxbringer smited the Chaplin dread.

Shooting was low, the deathshroud and foul blightspawn finished off the Chaplin dread which was not idea as that meant they couldn’t charge in and get to the objective.

The assault phase saw the DP charge into the watch captain. Then piling in and tagging the frag cannon unit again. All this to prevent them from shooting. The DP slaughtered the watch captain.

Much to the annoyance of the Deathwatch.

End Turn 5-4 Death Guard

Turn 3 Death Watch

At this point things were tight, Cooper was leading by a point but with the Prince about to score 3 vps for holding the objective it would soon turn and with the loss of the chaplain and Watchmaster he only had one HQ running around trying to capture double points on objectives, so he dropped out of combat to hold the objective on the right which allowed me to destroy another hauler from hellblaster shots, the aggressors in the middle of the table managed to destroy the drone.
Both stalker squads fire at the death shroud Terminators but only kill one.
The daemon prince wasn’t the closest model meaning he couldn’t shoot him. The couple of shots that could didn’t do much.

Turn 3 Death Guard

This turn was the turn that would change the game. A slight movement to make sure particular units were on objectives and other units were protected to give the Death Guard a fighting chance. Models were few but I had the objectives. I need to shut down as much shooting as possible.

The physic powers were similar again healing a hauler and the DP failing his +1 to wound spell.

With even less shooting my options were limited I need to kill the smash captain sitting on the objective, this was easily done with the death shroud and blightspawn. The last hauler put the few shots it had into the hellblaster kill team.

Again the assault phase was which help again, it saw nurglings and DP charge into what remained of the Frag cannon unit. They failed to kill them all due to some amazing 3++ shield saved and that was perfect. It allowed them to capture the last model so he couldn’t pull out of combat which stopped all shooting into those nurgling and the DP next turn

End Turn  9-6 Death Guard

Next turn would be key

Turn 4 Death Watch

With the Death Guard lead extending and not being able really do much about it with key targets unable to be targeted, the aggressors took my frustration out upon the approaching pox walkers killing them all then held fast.
The hellblasters after being held up by the hauler fall back to try and help hold the middle objective allowing the stalkers to kill it. Boom.
No charges this turn.

Turn 4 Death Guard

After surviving the shooting from the Death Watch. And finishing off the last of the frag cannon unit Death guard were getting a lot of VP’s this turn.

Death Guard had control of 2 the objectives which character but they were venerable. They needed protecting and doing all what could be done for them so they could to survive.

Models were moved around and placed to force target priority.

Cloud of flies’ stratagem was played on the remaining Death shroud. With this the Death watch had to shoot down two of my character before they could shoot the death shroud. Then they still had the chaos load to remove before VP’s would have been lost. The remaining nurglings moved out of line of sight from some of the kill teams guns the best they could.

Shooting was non-existent with nothing in range

There was not even an assault phase.

This turn was a case of taking the VP’s and deciding where best to die next turn.

End of turn 15-7 Death Guard

Turn 5 Death Watch

Now with the remaining Vet being killed, exposing the DP it meant if he could kill the DP and get line breaker he’d be in with a chance, however the nurglings needed to die first!
Everything in the army with the exception of 9 stalkers shot the little nurglings killing them all. The watch Captain put wounds onto the DP but it wasn’t enough to kill him meaning the aggressors had to charge him and smash him until he died from it.
They did this with ease while the hellblasters got line breaker but the damage was already done. It needed to go to Turn 7 really.

Turn 5 Death Guard

So there was pretty much nothing left after that Death Watch turn.

The Death Guard did nothing they took the VP’s and prayed to the grandfather! 

End of turn 17 – 10 Death Guard

Death Watch rolled to see if the game went on but it didn’t. Game over 17-10 Death Guard

There was a lot more Death Watch on the table at the end of the game but Death Guard Played the mission and did what they do best.

My Death Guard Game Review:

This mission is a mission I favour the most. With tough hard to kill characters and supporting units its my strongest from the 6 Eternal War missions. I really want to make the land raider work as a delivery method for the death shroud but even against this army with a low number anti-tank weapons it died to easily.

I made the error in turn 1 with not getting my chaos lord and blightspawn out which cost me first strike but after that I made good choices.

The deployment of the drop pod and not running away further with the frag cannon unit lost the game for the Death Watch army. It’s a really good list and I look forward to playing it again in another mission.

Coopers Death Watch Game Review:

It was a sad day for the watch but again the dual battalion has proven strong as it allows me to have more of an impact later on in the game, instead of blasting my cps by turn 2. I actually had some by turn 5 giving me a much needed boost late on.
Still unsure on the 4d watch Captains bolters. Unit of the game Contemptor Dreadnought.