Mission Crusade

Mat H (me) vs Alex


Death Guard Mat H (me)

Death Guard Outrider Detachment

Daemon Prince – Wings, talon

3 x Bloat drones spitters

1 unit of 3 blight haulers

1 unit of 5 Blight lord Terminators

Nurgle Daemon Battalion

Great Unclean one – Bell and bile blade

Pox bringer

3 x units of 3 nurglings

Daemon Battalion

Sloppity Bilepiper

Khorne Daemon Prince – Wings, Skullreaver

3 x units of 3 nurglings

Imperial Knights Alex

Super heavy detachment

Knight Crusader – Battlecannon, Relic Gattling, Stubber, Stormspear Rockets

Knight Errant – Thermal cannon, Melta, Relic Gauntlet  

3 x Helverins – Stubber

3 x Warglaives – Melta

Stratagem – Vindicare Assassin

I won the roll off and decided to be the attacker. So I set up all aggressively. So did Alex so I thought good I’m on for a turn one charge with my Great unclean one. Then it happened……..Alex seized! Its like he knew the way he set up, I better watch those dice of his. So there I was on the back foot already!  

Turn 1 Alex (Grrr)

Alex Charged up his Errant for a Turn 1 charge against me. Oh how the table turned. A Warglaive advanced up nice and close. And the others moved into firing positions.

No Physic phase for those knights which is also good for my physic phase.

Shooting started however and all the guns let loose. 2 bloat drones down to a couple of wounds. But that was about it.

The assassin failed to wound!

I thought ‘that could have been worse’. The flat 3 damage Helverin auto cannons are not kind to me.

Assault phase and the Errant come crashing into my unit of haulers taking 5 wounds in over watch.

Alex popped full tilt to get his Warglaive into combat with my other drone losing a couple wounds to over watch as well.

The Warglaive finished off my drone giving Alex first strike. Then it was the Errant’s turn to strike with his relic Gauntlet. I was worried but as it was on the haulers I wasn’t too worried. 5 attacks turned into 1 wounds after my invun saves. But at 8 flat damage that could have been horrible against a lot of things. Out of the 8 damage I passed 4 of my DR rolls. Well I got away with that well! Alex was a little bit down he didn’t do more damage but that’s the luck of the dice.

Turn 1 Me

So with a knight in my lines and most of my shooting units tied up I was lacking in the shooting department as normal. However I did have my anti knight Khorne DP. This was his time to shine.

I moved him up close enough for a short charge and moved my bloat drones around to offer him some protection from shooting next round should he do as planned and kills the knight.

The GUO and DG DP moved up closer to the Warglaive for another charge.

The physic phase was a little dull I healed a hauler a little, gave the GUO -1 to hit and the rest failed.

My assault phase came and I charge the Khorne DP into the knight, the DG DP and the GUO into the Warglaive.

I attacked with the Khorne DP first. I forgot all the special rules for the axe which may have helped but I got 6 wounds through 6 D6 damage and I needed 19 damage to kill the knight. Average is 21 damage I’d already used a CP re-roll to get an extra hit so I couldn’t re-roll any and I got 17 damage, 15 after his feel no pain roll! Gutted not to put it down.

The GUO took out the Warglaive which gave me first strike.

Return fighting from the knight errant put down my Khorne DP with one wound going through with 8 damage. I missed not having a DR rolls there. As he had gone I also couldn’t fight a second time to put the Knight down.

End of Turn one in was 1 – 1 VP.

Turn 2 Alex

The Imperial Knights were taking stock and deciding what was required to kill first. They scored 3 VP’s at the start of the round.

The knights all moved around to get into better firing positions. The Errant pulled out so he could shoot and then look to charge again.

Throughout the shooting phase the knights killed a hauler and put some damage onto the Great unclean one. 

The assassin failed to wound again when targeting my DG DP. 

Into the combat phase and both the Errant and a Warglaive charged into my GUO. Unfortunately with the GUO -1 to hit and the Errant on the bottom profile so was hitting on 6+ not a lot was done.

Turn 2 Me

The Death Guard needed to clear their lines! They also got 3 VP’s at the start of their turn.

Not a lot of movement was possible as I had a lot in the middle wrapped up in combat, but I knew at the end of this turn I should be free. The damaged bloat drones moved forward a little to try and gain some board control.

The physic phase saw the GUO healed a bit and buffed up with -1 to hit and +1 to wound. The Errant also took a wound to smite.

The Shooting didn’t last long the haulers took the last few wounds from the Errant and one of the bloat drones put a couple of wounds on a Helverin.

The DG DP charged into the Warglaive just in case the GUO couldn’t finish him off, however the DP did the whole job before we got to the GUO’s turn to strike.

End of turn 2 4-4 VP’s

Turn 3 Alex

Now that the knights were gone from the centre of the board they only got 2 VP’s at the start of the turn.

Alex saw this and though he needed to clear me off some objectives. He powered a lot of shooting into my nurglings leaving 1 base on the closet objective to him, took out a hauler and removed the two bloat drones which were floating around with a 1 or 2 wounds left. Easy picking for him.

He then charged the lonely nurgling base with the crusader and tap danced all over them removing their last 2 wounds. That’s one objective less the Death Guard now control.

Turn 3 Me

With the nurglings being beaten down and shoot to pieces I only got 3 VP’s at the start of this turn.

At the start of this movement phase the GUO rang his bell and the warp kindly returned a hauler back to the unit!

The haulers moved into shooting position and the GUO and DP grabbed what cover they could in the centre of board. The Blight lord Terminators came in on the back corner to try and remove the hiding Warglaive off an objective.

 The physic phase was pretty much a repeat, heal / buff the GUO and smite the Crusader  

Shooting saw me try to clear a Helverin off an object but failed to scratch it. The multi melta’s went into the Crusader taking a few wounds but they didn’t do much with his 4++ warlord trait.

The Blight lords unloaded with their combi bolters but they did nothing to the T7 Warglaive. I hadn’t expected them to do much but was worth a try.

The blight lords were the only thing I wanted to charge at this points and they lost a model to over watch, then failed their charge. Great!

End of turn 3, 7-6 Death Guard

Turn 4 Alex

Thanks to the efforts of killing the nurglings and taking that objective back Alex got 3 VP’s.

The knights took stock and decided to carry on trying to cut my scoring units down. (good move) and looked at the Blightlords in offence that they were in their territory.  

Shooting was split with the 2 fold plan kill the Blightlords and kill the nurglings everything else could wait.

The knights did a pretty good job to be fair, they took out 2 x units of 3 nurglings clearing an objective and 3 of the 5 Blightlords

No assaults this turn the knights were holding back.

Turn 4 Me

 After all the nurgling reduced from shooting I only got 2 VP’s this turn.

So I moved forward with everything only leaving a couple of small HQ’s on the objective in the centre. I also moved a unit of nurglings my rear objective to try and get a second next turn. It was a bit of a risk but you have to try. 

The physic phase was pretty much a repeat, heal / buff the GUO and DP  

Shooting didn’t do a lot other than take a few more wounds off the crusader. I kept splitting my shoots but that was an error when I only have a few in the first place.

Assault came along and the Blightlords made it in this time as they only need a 5” charge. As there was only two of them they didn’t do much other than a few wounds and then the Warglaive struck back and I lost another one Blightlords.

End of Turn 4 9-9 VP’s

Turn 5 Alex

Movement was little the Helverins re-deployed slightly to get a shot on the nurglings and all shooting turned onto the GUO. The Crusader took the GUO down to 6 wounds and the assassin did the rest. After 4 turns of doing next to nothing the dice god shined on him. First the initial hit with D3 wounds and then 3 more wounds from the head shot rule! Disgustingly resilient left me and I didn’t make one so he was sent back into the warp until next time. The Helverins took out the brave nurglings who ran for the objective on the left side.

In the assault phase the Helverin killed the last of the Blightlords before they could strike.

Turn 5 Me

I moved in as close as possible to the Crusader as the score was close and I need warlord and that big treat gone.

In the shooting phase the crusader took some more damage from the haulers which softened it up ready for the assault phase. In this phase the DG DP charged in taking a couple of wounds to over watch but finished the Knight off in combat. This gave me warlord but it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t got the +1 to wound spell off.

End of Turn 5 12-10 Death Guard.

We talked through turn 6 as neither of us had much left and we were both playing pretty reserved.

We called the game 14-12 with a win for Papa Nurgle and his Death Guard!

All in all it was a good close game. Alex has played against me a couple of times and made good target priority choices. If we played again he would target the GUO sooner. I always struggle against knights which is partly why I put the Khorne DP in my list. He did some good damage but was crushed like a paper cup.

The Blightlords were pretty much a waste of time. I only had them in my list as I left my Scorpius on the painting table and they were the only spare models I had with me. I could have played them better maybe but I’m still not convinced on them.

My unit of the match had to be the GUO for taking fire, doing a little bit of killing and generally being a happy chap, smiling all game long. For this Alex donated him a few sweets.

Thank you for reading

Until next time ….