So this weekend I had a test game with my friend James. It wasn’t taken to seriously, we both helped each other out with different ideas /options when we were debating with ourselves if we should do something or not.

This was really helpful when it came to reviewing new units and how they worked alongside our key components within our army list.

James is a guard player through and through but is always playing around with new units allied with them. He has been through knights and is currently using Custodies.

James was taking this game as a tournament test but also learning custodies for a slow grow league our gaming group are starting soon.

This was my first game since the GT final but knowing the next one is a 2000 point so I had a few points to play with.

After taking stock of how the final went it was apparent I needed more shooting, more ap and more damage output as a whole.

The problem is keeping a balance, my style of play is resilience and playing the mission over tabling my opponent.

I need to add enough damage output whilst keeping enough resilience to survive until turn 6.

My list

Death Guard Outrider

Daemon Prince wings talon

3 x Bloat drones spitters

2 x Contemptors with twin butcher cannons

Hell forged Scorpius

Daemon battalion

2 x Poxbringers

4 x 3 base units of nurglings

2 x 2 Nurgle beasts

1 x 1 Nurgle beast

Daemon Spearhead

Khorne Daemon Prince Skullreaver

3 x Skull cannons

Please see the battle report here.

List Additions / removals

So I needed to add some shooting. So for this test I have added a hellforged Scorpius and 3 x skull cannons. Then to complete a Khorne detachment and add some anti knight damage I added a Daemon princes with the skullreaver axe.

To fit all this in I had to remove the Nurgle DP, plague drones and some nurglings. (I think that was it)

As the battle report tells you I made some bad deployment decisions which didn’t allow me to use units to their best. So more testing is required.

I didn’t get the Khorne DP involved early enough as I was scared he was a little fragile. Which in reflection made him more exposed. I’m not convinced that I need to keep him in a Khorne only detachment as the only benefits is re-roll charge. I normally have a spare CP to re-roll one dice so losing the re-roll Loci might be an option to think about.

The skull cannons were a little random with their shots with me rolling below average most turns. In another game this could swing the other way but I’m not sure I want that chance. A fixed amount of shots is better to predict some damage output. So I think they will be side-lined for the next game.

The Scorpius didn’t have a chance to do much to be honest. For two turns it only had a Leman Russ to shot at and that is not its desired target. The turn I got to shoot some troops, they died quickly. This is a keeper unit for the moment as it offers me some long range -2 out of line of sight shooting which I have convinced myself I need.

The other units which I’m sitting on the fence with are the Contemptors. On paper they are good, I’m in no doubt. But with all the marines and 2+ or 3+ armour units and all the scenery (which is a good thing) the -1 ap is negated by cover and the shots seem to bounce off.

Against a horde army they are worth their weight in gold. Currently they are a 50/50 unit for me.

Keep an eye out for my next list modification.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or helpful information from your games please get in touch in the comments section below.