This was a Death Guard and Daemon soup army Vs a Catachan Guard and Custodian soup army.

Mission lockdown

Mat Harris vs James Moore

This was a test game for both of us. It wasn’t taken to seriously, we both helped each other out with different ideas /options when we were debating with ourselves if we should do something or not. This was really helpful when it came to reviewing new units and how they worked alongside our key components within our army list.

James was taking this game as a tournament test but also learning custodies for a slow grow league our gaming group are starting soon.

James list

Catachan Battalion



3 x 3 10 man units

Catachan Supreme command

3 x Tank Commanders Battle cannon and heavy bolter

Custodian Battalion

Shield Captain Jet Bike

Shield Captain

3 x 3 man guardians 2 x spears 1 x shield / sword

Vesillus Praetor

1 unit of 4 x Vertus Praetor

My list

Death Guard Outrider

Daemon Prince wings talon

3 x Bloat drones spitters

2 x Contemptors with twin butcher cannons

Hell forged Scorpius

Daemon battalion

2 x Poxbringers

4 x 3 base units of nurglings

2 x 2 Nurgle beasts

1 x 1 Nurgle beast

Daemon Spearhead

Khorne Daemon Prince Skullreaver

3 x Skull cannons

The Game

Those of you who think you spotted the eldar Jet Bike your wrong! That is a Vertus Praetor

Turn 1

James to go first with his custodies as I failed to seize.

He chose objective 1 which he sat under a tank commander surrounded by guard troops and all his custodies. That’s a well-protected objective!

James powered a unit onto objective number two in the centre of the board. That move, move, move makes a guard unit so quick!

New knew he was sending them to their death but wanted the VP. 40 points for a VP seemed a sound investment.

All the jet bikes zoomed up my right flank hugging the board’s edge to stay out of the Scorpius range.

The tank commanders move if into firing positions.

The little IG physic phase didn’t last long as the only spell failed.

The only shooting this turn was the TC which took out a skull cannon (first strike) and dropped another to 4 wounds.

With the bayonets strapped on the guard were feeling lucky! They charged my nurglings sitting in an objective. They failed to kill any and lost a couple of their own to the little lords but they got enough within 3” of the objective to claim that for another VP.

Turn 1

Mat and the chaos retaliation.

With little in range or visibility and due to all the smoke the TC’s popped whiling shooting me I didn’t have many options.

I chose objective 6 in the heart of my zone baby sat by a poxbringer and some nurglings.

I moved in to regain objective 2 and edge up the left flank with beasts and my Khorne DP making sure to stay in cover were I could.

The DP had a TC in its sights. He knew this turn was positioning only.

I had to be a little careful not leave enough gap for his assassin to drop in withheld me back an inch or two.

Physic came and went with a failed spell. The others were not in range.

I got all excited about shooting as I don’t normally have much. I melted the guard troops on my objective number 2 with the bloat drones. That was First strike!

The skull cannons put 4 wounds on a TC all excited I thought 4 x 5+ saves I should get 3 through and hope to bracket it. That was to be with 3 saved made I only did 2 damage. The Contemptors and Scorpius bullets just bounced off it.

I had hoped to that my nurglings would take out enough Guard troops to make sure I held the objective but that wasn’t to be.

End of turn 1 3-3 VP’s

Turn 2 James

Now was the time for his Jet bikes to shine.

They continued to move up the flank getting within assault distance, the bolters were out of range of everything but the Nurglings but they were locked in combat, but that’s the cost of hugging the board’s edge.

The TC’s moved around a little putting a little more space between themselves and my Khorne DP.

The Custodian Guardians moved out of hiding to take a pop shot or two at the Bloat drones.

The assassin didn’t come in as there wasn’t anywhere good to go. Deep striking areas had been blocked off pretty well.

The Physic phase went well this turn getting a -1 to hit on the TC which had taken a little damage.

Shooting came and went pretty quickly. A Nurgle beast which was waving at the TC was shot down in its prime, the TC must have thought the gesture was ruder than the harmless wave it was.  

Between the other two TC and the few Guardian shots they killed a bloat drone and slightly damaged a second. I’m sure I heard the models swear about those damn disgustingly resilient rolls!

Then came the assault. The big I am shield captain on bike warlord charged the nurglings to ruin their day. The other bikers failed their charge which was lucky for the nurglings.

So there he was smashing into the nurglings. He must have knocked a few over on the in pact. But they are jolly little lords and they just smiled and got back up. With all the attacks and re-rolls on the charge he couldn’t do anything but kill them, surely!

Surely not it turned out. The nurglings bossed it! 5 wounds 4 x 5++ invun saved made. D3 damage turned into 2. All that gold and not even a base removed. Time for the Catachan troops to have a go after being bitterly disappointed in the Custodian super soldier. They finished off the nurgling base but that was it.

The Nurglings did nothing in the returning fight phase, they must have still been rolling around on their fat little tummies laughing.

Turn 2 Chaos

Movement came in the form of closing in on the left flank but still being out of range for the Khorne DP

The bloat drones moved in to support the nurglings and the DG DP moved in.

Time to clear some chaff off my objective and have a go at that gold warlord (still spitting feathers at his actions!) there was a warlord kill in the air!

Physic phase would have been handing but I forgot and refused James kind offer to let me go back. One must learn!

Shooting saw the Death Guard take out 2 jet bikes from the unit of 4 which was a big hit for them. The Scorpius was still bouncing off the TC.

The assault phase was when it got interesting. The DG DP charged the Catachan and the Gold super solder but rolled low so could only make it into the Catachan. The Warlord Vs Warlord would have to wait. So Plan B kill the Catachan to free up the objective before golden boy over there killed some nurglings.

Then out of nowhere James popped 3 CP’s and the stratagem which allowed the 2 remaining jet bikes to charge in as if it was their turn and fight first! OH my, my warlord was suddenly in a sticker situation than he planned. The jet bikes had a good go and took half the wounds off my DP which hurt. He had a change of heart after that and thought he better smash them rather than the Catachan. That he did taking both out. That was easier than expected.

It was down to the nurgling to sort the Catachan out. They took the last couple of those out freeing up the objective assuming they survived the Golden boy’s attacks.

So round 2 for the Shield Captain, 4 wounds 3 x 5++ invun saved made again! The Grand father will be please.

End of turn 2 6-5 Chaos

Turn 3 James

So after picking himself up from disbelieve James thought this game can only go one way now unless something crazy happened.

Objectives were going to start disappearing quickly. He had to kill the Nurgle beasts sitting on objective 3 and protect Objective 4.

It was time to get those Guardians out of hiding. 2 units of 3 moved close to my bloat drones. Another unit of guard troops powered over to the objective. The tank commanders moved a bit further away from my Khorne DP but they were running out of road.

The assassin came in near my DP and nurglings as it was looking like the shield captain needed some help.

Physic phase failed again for the guard, you just can’t rely on the powers of the warp.

Shooting didn’t turn out well. 3 Catachan battle cannon double shooting so 6 x D6 shots with a re-roll for the amount of shots and total they got 14 shots. All these went into Nurgle beasts. It seemed a waist due but they had to try and clear the objective. One of the last wounds I CP re-rolled my disgustingly resilient roll and passed forcing another of the battle cannons to shot it to remove it. 30 points per model doing what they need to. The custodian guardians took a few more wounds off the bloat drones.

Come the assault phase the assassin needing a 9 on 3D6 rolled a total of 6 and James had no CP’s left after that heroic jet bike charge. This was not meant to be for James.

Turn 3 The Chaos Uprising

This was it time to get involved!

The 2 remaining Bloat drones moved forward to meet the custodian threat with plague spitters.

The DG DP moved for a 2 inch charge into the Shield Capatin Warlord.

The Khorne DP moved with 9 of the TC and 3 of the Catachan troops sitting on the objectives.

Physic phase gain ended in failure apart from healing a drone.

Shooting phase saw the demise of the Catachan on the objective and that was basically it.

Assault phase and I thought this was my chance to really hurt James remaining force.

My DG DP charged in and put 4 wounds onto the shield captain. He chose to kill the nurglings as it would leave him in a better change to stop me getting more points rather than targeting my warlord. This time he killed 3 bases in one round of attacks, their luck had officially ran out!

The Khorne prince was in a sticky situation. He had to kill the Psyker to gain the VP but wanted to kill the tank commander. He put 2 attacks onto the Psyker and 5 into the tank with fingers crossed! The Psyker took 2 wounds from the talon attack then D6 off the axe, 2 wounds left and dice rolls a 1 (no!!!!!!) CP re-roll please. Praying not to re-roll another 1, luckily I rolled a 3 so the Psyker died which got me a VP for the objective. The 5 attacks on the tank all hit. Then only wounded with 2. -4ap he was not getting a save so 2 D6 damage with 8 wounds left. Before I rolled James kindly pointed out to me that 7 was average on 2D6 so you will never guess what the dice gods gave me….. yes you guessed it a 7! Grr.

End of turn 3 10-7 Chaos

Turn 4 James

So with slipping behind on the VP’s and the objectives dwindling James had little options left

The assassin moved as close as possible to my warlord and the nurglings.

The TC backed out of company squeaking as it moved every inch with only 1 damage left and left the Khorne DP in no man’s land exposed to the custodian Guardians.

Shooting continued into the Nurgle beast to stop line breaker.

The Guardians took a few wounds off the Khorne DP in shooting and a bloat drone.

The assault phase was the big phase again.

3 Guardians and a foot slogging Shield charged in to take out the Khorne DP. 2 units of Guardians charged the Bloat drones losing 1 from each unit to over watch. Then the assassin finally getting into combat.

Now I had two CP’s left so had enough to interrupt so depending on who James fought first could have consequences. James opted to wipe the floor with my Khorne DP which he easily did with the shield captain, as it only had 3 wounds left.

So my DG DP interrupted killing his warlord the shield captain on jet bike. The assassin then continued to kill my nurglings which stopped me getting a VP for that objective this turn. The Guardians then put a few wounds on each bloat drones.

Time was getting on and we had to get back to our wives so we talked through my turn 4 which would have seen me with another 2 VP’s

So the game ended 12-8 to Chaos.

Thank you for a good fun game James!

A bit of a rushed write up today but please keep an eye on how my list develops and who I found this list here.

Author Mathew Harris