So earlier this month (Jan 2020) I attended the Warhammer World GT finals after qualifying in 2019.

See what my list was here.

It was a 6 round tournament held over 2 days.

I went there expecting to see a lot of marines and I was correct loads of them. The opponent of my 4th game was so happy not to play another marines player!

I knew my list was random and not very aggressive so I knew I had to play the hell out of the missions. I wanted to win 2 games, if I could win 3 I’d be really pleased.

So my games:

Day 1

Game 1 Vs Iron Hands:

Mission: Scorched Earth

Nick’s list was a little different to what I expected which was nice but still had two thunder fire cannons, loads of intercessors.

You could see his list was designed to play against marines to as he had 3 units for devastators with grav cannons.

It was a good game and ended up with me taking victory 19-13 which was a nice start to the tournament.

I got greedy towards to end and gave up warlord kill, but the unit of the match was a humble unit of Nurglings. Nick sent his warlord on a bike with a thunder hammer to smash them but they laughed at him and survived. Then left combat and continued to run forward towards an objective and to go for line breaker. His warlord had another go and only took 3 wounds off them while losing 2 wounds for his efforts. After that he gave up and moved on towards a larger target.

For the Nurglings to take up two rounds of a thunder hammer wielding warlord which prevented him from powering into my lines was a massive win for me so they get unit of the match

Game 2 Vs Space Wolves / Custodes

Mission – Four Pillars

John’s army was a mix of Wulfen and Jet bikes. I knew I had to kill off his small units of troops so that was job one. But I didn’t have anywhere near enough shooting to take out his wulfen so I tried to sacrifice my drones in order to slow them down while I could get some points with my Nurglings on the objectives.

This worked turns 1 & 2 but the wulfen were savage in combat and I could do nothing but die. I had more troops but he got kill more every turn. If I killed a wulfen in combat it fought again and hurt me more.  

He made a good amount of 3+ invun saves but my army was out matched and round two was a loss 5-3.

The plague drones did ok in this mission survived well and could keep moving toward the enemies back lines. But my downfall in this mission was not enough shooting.

1 Win & 1 Loss

Ok not so bad, lets try and have a good game 3 to end the day in a good place.

Game 3 Vs Iron Hands:

Mission – Crusade

A typical Iron hands list, the list I expected to see and face but never really expected to win against.

Matt was a nice guy, although I was a little bit disappointed with the painting level of this army tbh, as I rushed about like crazy to get my list painted. There was also a couple of others there with barely 3 colours on.

Back to the game. Matt castled up in the corner and I knew I couldn’t do much damage. I had to play the mission. I was out gunned massively, I was lucky that this table had lots of line of sight blocking terrain. I basically hid and took the VP’s where I could.

It all came down to time. My army weathered the storm enough and he didn’t get out of his castle soon enough.

We ran out of time and I had got line breaker. A Slim Victory for chaos 12-11

My best unit this game was the terrain. But honestly I think Matt beat himself.

We ran out of time and I had got line breaker. A Slim Victory for chaos 12-11

End of Day 1 I had 2 wins and 1 loss. I’m a happy man at this point.  

Day 2

Game 4 Vs Craftworlds

Mission: Lock Down

My first game of the day was against Marcus with his Harlqins and Yharni. This was a good game I seized which helped me take out a few jet bikes I failed to get first strike but so did he after a pretty poor turn from him with dice and some good saves from myself.

We ploughed on warns through the turns and we basically ran out of time are the end of turn 4.

We were drawing at that point on VP’s 14-14.

Some games you can talk through another turn and see if there would have been a clear winner. However it would have been down to the dice which way it went should we both have had turn 5. We both had a good game and were both happy to settle with a draw so we shook hands and went to get some lunch.

I deployed in a way that made him have to split his bikes up. This brought me more time to kill them.

Unit of the match here was the Bloat-drones. They lived longer that my opponent had expected and got a lot of kills with their flamers.

So that 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Game 5 Vs Craftworld

Mission: Front Line Warfare

Against an Italian player called Andrea with his elder army. I went second which is a massive help in this mission.

He focused on my contemptors to remove my ranged shooting. Then he was unwilling to commit to coming anywhere near my daemon princes and flamers always pre measuring to stay 24 inchs away. So I kept out of line of sight the best I could and weathered the storm. Committing just enough units to control the objective at the end of each turn. They died to the shooting next turn but I had got the VP’s

By the end of Turn 3 I was winning 15-4 and that was enough of a lead. Turns 4 and 5 saw him gain some ground at the end of turn 5 it was 21-11. The game didn’t do on to turn 6.

I successfully killed 0 points of his army. This is the ultimate example of playing the mission and not worrying about killing your opponent.

He had to commit or risk more if he wanted to win after turn two but refused to. That lost him the game regardless of how I played.

He turn around and said he should have killed more by turn 3 then he would have got loads of VP’s. This is rubbish, nothing ‘should’ happen is a game you are reliant on dice. You try to stack them in your favour but the dice gods are fickle. The bottom line was I played the tactical game better than he did. I put units into positions where he couldn’t kill them or had to shoot them even if it was a waste of his efforts.

My unit of the game was the Nurgle beasts, they selfishly died for the cause taking far more bullets than a 30 point model should do normally.  This is why they were in my list. I kept moving them forward and he had to deal with them.

That’s 3 wins 1 draw 1 loss, I could leave now and be a happy guy.

Game 6 Vs Admech

Mission: Ascension

My last game was against a Dutch player Caller Mikkel a really nice guy and had a nice looking Admech army. Which was nice as it made all my last 3 games not against marines.

Honestly I thought I had a really good chance here. I went for the far left and far right objectives leaving him the middle. Things were good turn 1 and 2 but then turn 3 and 4 I started to lose some ground and things didn’t quite go to plan.

The move I think that saved him the game was my turn 3, he interrupted in my assault phase with a tank onto my plague drones. This put me in base to base with two tanks and stopping me piling into more of his units and stopping them from shooting. It cost him 2 cp’s but if he hadn’t have done that I would have tagged 2 more tanks and a dune crawler

We only got the end of turn 4 and 1 was 1 point behind when there was only 5 minutes left. I had 1 nurglings base with 3 wounds left in his back lines which he assaulted with 5 troops. This was it, we had to roll the dice. If my nurglings survived I got line breaker for an extra VP if they died he would win.  So the final score was a draw 11-11

They survived as he only hit with 2 of the 6 attacks. So the game ended with a draw. A bit gutted as I felt if we had got turn 5 I would have pulled away. But as we didn’t have time you have to look on the bright side, a draw is better than a loss.

End of the 6 rounds I finished with 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. If I was told that was going to be the result before I started I would have been ecstatic.

The GT results got finalised and I came in 23rd place.


My list was different and far from what anyone expected to see at the finals. It’s funny when you look at the results table I only killed 2725 points! Other than a couple of peoples where errors must have occurred or results not given in, I had the lowest amount of kill points. I knew it was going to be tough with my list to kill things and I knew I was going to have to play the missions hard. I feel my results show that I did that.

If I could have turned one of those draws into a win, it would have been enough for top 10.

Keep an eye on how my list develops over the next couple of months ready for the April GT at Warhammer World.