Cooper vs Patrick Fearis 

2000 points 

Mission Critical Objective 

Deployment Dawn of War

Location 4TK Colchester for the Iron Hammer competitive league.

Date 16\1\2020

Destroyers Army List

Battalion Detachment +5CP

White Scars

+ HQ +

Captain on Bike 140pts Storm shield, The Imperium’s Sword, Thunder hammer, Twin boltgun, Warlord, Wrath of the Heavens

Chaplain 105pts Catechism of Fire, Mantra of Strength, Combi-melta, Jump Pack, Litany of Hate, Strategem: Master of Sanctity

Librarian 124pts, Ride the Winds, Storm-wreathed, Combi-flamer, Force stave, Jump Pack

+ Troops +

Intercessor Squad 108pts Auto Bolt Rifle, 5x Intercessor, Intercessor Sergeant

Intercessor Squad 90pts Auto Bolt Rifle, 4x Intercessor, Intercessor Sergeant

Intercessor Squad 90pts Auto Bolt Rifle, 4x Intercessor, Intercessor Sergeant

+ Heavy Support +

Thunderfire Cannon  92pts, Techmarine Gunner, Servo-harness: Flamer, Plasma cutter

Vanguard Detachment +1CP

White Scars

+ HQ +

Captain [6 PL, 143pts]: Jump Pack, Storm shield, Thunder hammer

+ Elites +

Invictor Tactical Warsuit 136pts Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, Heavy bolter, 2x Ironhail Heavy Stubber, Twin ironhail autocannon

Invictor Tactical Warsuit 131pts Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, Heavy bolter, Incendium cannon, 2x Ironhail Heavy Stubber

Invictor Tactical Warsuit 131pts Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, Heavy bolter, Incendium cannon, 2x Ironhail Heavy Stubber

Outrider Detachment +1CP

White Scars

+ HQ +

Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought 167pts, Recitation of Focus, Litany of Hate, Twin lascannon, Melee weapon: Dreadnought combat weapon, Storm bolter

Khan on Bike [6 PL, 100pts]

+ Fast Attack +

Attack Bike Squad 147pts 3x Attack Bike: Multi-melta, Twin boltgun

Attack Bike Squad 147pts 3x Attack Bike: Multi-melta, Twin boltgun

Attack Bike Squad 147pts 3x Attack Bike: Multi-melta, Twin boltgun

Total: 1,998pts

Death Watch Army list

Battalion Detachment +5CP

+ HQ +

Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought 167pts Twin lascannon, Melee weapon: Dreadnought combat weapon, Storm bolter

Librarian in Terminator Armor 112pts  Might of Heroes, Null Zone, Force axe, Storm Bolter

+ Troops +

Intercessors 87pts Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, 4 x Intercessor: Bolt rifle, Intercessor Sergeant: Bolt rifle, Chainsword

Intercessors 250pts5 x  Hellblaster: Plasma incinerator, 4 x  Intercessor: Stalker Bolt Rifle, Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword, Stalker Bolt Rifle

Veterans 214pts 1 xVeteran: Deathwatch Shotgun, Storm shield, 2 x Veteran: Storm Bolter, Storm shield, 4 x Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Deathwatch Frag Cannon, 1 x Watch Sergeant: Chainsword, Combi-plasma

+ Heavy Support +

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought 168pts Two twin lascannons: 2x Twin lascannon

Battalion Detachment +5CP

+ HQ +

Watch Captain 143pts Jump Pack, Storm shield, Thunder hammer

Watch Master [7 PL, 115pts]

+ Troops +

Intercessors 153pts 8 x Intercessor: Stalker Bolt Rifle, Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword, Stalker Bolt Rifle

Intercessors 239pts Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, 4 x Aggressor, 4 x  Intercessor: Auto Bolt Rifle,  Intercessor Sergeant: Auto Bolt Rifle, Chainsword

Veterans 197pts Terminator Power Sword and Stormbolter: Power sword, Storm Bolter, 2 x  Terminator Power Maul and Stormbolter: Power maul, Storm Bolter, 5 x  Veteran: Storm Bolter, Storm shield,  Watch Sergeant: Power sword, Storm Bolter

+ Dedicated Transport +

Drop Pod 65pts Storm bolter

++(Imperium – Inquisition) 90pts, -1CP ++

+ HQ +

Inquisitor Coteaz 90pts, Terrify, Castigation, Stratagem: Inquisitorial Mandate

Total 2,000pts

Destroyers won the roll off but Deathwatch seized!

Deathwatch turn 1

Deployment saw Cooper hide all his troops from the Destroyers, Patrick had deployed 3 war suites right in his face so they were definitely target priority but lucky for cooper he rolled a 6 so the Deathwatch emerged from cover to bring the fight to the imposing threat.

The drop pod dropped down in the far right corner bringing with it a Kill team loaded with frag cannons and shields, Cortez and the Watchmaster who then used The Beacon of Angelis to teleport to him the Aggressor kill team putting a huge threat in the back line of the Destroyers.

Psychic phase saw the Liberian smite the nearest war suite and Cortez putting Terrify on the closest Intercessor squad whilst throwing the usual smite and Castration.

Shooting phase saw the frags obliterate a war suite on the right flank with help from the contemptor earning 1st strike, and the aggressor kill team reducing an intercessor squad to a man.

The stalker kill teams hitting on 4s killed the 2nd war suite in the centre of the table while the Chaplain Dread along with the hellblaster kill team on the left flank took the final war suite to 4 wounds.

The charge phase saw the start of Coopers very hot dice as the aggressors rolled an 11” charge and turned the intercessor to mulch.

Destroyers Turn 1

After being seized on Patrick had an uphill struggle especially with loosing 2 war suites and having 2 full kill teams in his deployment, lucky for him he had just that.

He started by moving his 9 multi melta attack bikes to the right flank along with a chaplain, smash Captain on a bike and the Liberian, his librarian then started the psychic onslaught on the aggressors killing one with smite but failing to cast the deny over watch spell on the smash Captain, he then turned his guns on the 2 kill teams and with the combined fire from x9 attack bikes and the Thunderfire cannon The Destroyers killed both kill teams with the exception on 1 frag cannon.

The captain then charged the Watchmaster and Cortez putting 3 wounds on both but took 5 from the Watchmaster, he then paid 3cps (4 with Cortez doing his spy network) to fight again to finish off Cortez.

Cooper pays 2 cps to auto pass morale on the frag cannon.

End turn Deathwatch 2 – Destroyers 2

Deathwatch turn 2

With the loss of nearly 2 kill teams and Cortez the game took a huge swing in the destroyers favour.

Watchmaster fell out of combat hiding behind one of the fins of the drop pod giving him a T7 meat shield and allowing the frag cannon to take the captains last wound with 11 auto hits earning the Deathwatch slay the warlord.

The chaplain dread moved over to the left flank to help kill off the remaining war suite but wasn’t needed as the Hellblaster kill team finished the job killing one of their own in the process.

The remaining stalkers and contemptor had next to no LOS so took pot shots at the bikes failing to make any real impact while the storm bolters vets secured objective 1 and killed 4 out of a 5 man intercessor squad.

Destroyers turn 2

With the warlords failure to kill the Watchmaster the librarian stepped up to the plate by 1st killing the frag cannon that had just killed the warlord then charging the Watchmaster but failed to score any wounds on him then dying to the counter attack.

Meanwhile the attack bikes in the centre rode up the centre of the table with the chaplain and Shakka Khan and started laying down fire into the vets kill team and dread killing 4 vets and taking 3 wounds of the dread whilst the chaplain dread started shooting up the 5 man stalker squad killing 1.

On the left flank the intercessors defended their objective and started shooting the Hellblaster kill teams scoring 2hits.

The thunderfire goes to work on the 9 man kill team killing 2.

End turn Deathwatch 8 – Destroyers 4

Deathwatch turn 3

With the bikes now in striking distance the kill teams stood fast and held their ground.

The stalker kill teams could only see 1 bike but failed to harm them, the bikers used Transhuman physiology to absorb the incoming hail of fire but still lost 2 of their number whilst the contemptor killed another bike in the following squad.

The Hellblaster kill team fires upon the intercessors once again killing one of their own and a intercessor.

The watch Captain, chaplain dread and librarian move to the centre to combat the bikes.

Destroyers turn 3

For the Emperor and the Khan!”

The attack bikes go into full on attack mode 1st killing more vets leaving 3 of their number then killing the contemptor Dreadnought, the resulting explosion killed a bike and a veteran and put a wound on the captain, the thunderfire once again fires at the 6 man stalker team but fails to wound and the chaplain dread kills another.

The smash Captain arrives to end the Watchmaster.

The fire fight on the left flank continues but no deaths.

The charge phase saw the remaining bikers charge the vets kill team but killed none, Shakka Khan and the chaplain fail both charges.

All eyes were on the smash Captain who made an 11” charge into the Watchmaster and scoring 4 wounds, if the Watchmaster fails 1 he dies.

Cooper dose his trade mark look the opponent in the eye invulnerable saves and one at a time rolls two 4s and two 5s. Patrick is not amused, this is made worse when the counter attack kills captain smash.

End turn Deathwatch 14- destroyers 9

Deathwatch turn 4

To counter the bikes the 2 remaining vets jump out of combat to allow the stalkers and chaplain dread to finally finish off the bikes, the smash Captain moves to strike a killing blow on Shakka Khan and the chaplain, he charges and despatches both with ease. Meanwhile at the back of the field the Watchmaster fires at the techmarine scoring 2 wounds.

The firefight on the left flank continues with the Deathwatch gaining the upper hand.

Destroyers turn 4

With only the chaplain dread, techmarine and 4 intercessors things were not going to be easy but with the luck of the cards Patrick pulled the score back to within a point.

1st he used his thunderfire to kill watch Captain, his Chaplin destroys the drop pod and the intercessors scored their defend objective.

End turn 

Deathwatch 14 – destroyers 13

Deathwatch turn 5

No movement and or shooting as the Deathwatch needed to stand fast.

With the cards Cooper had he managed to score 6 points in the 5th turn.

Destroyers Turn 5

With no chance to score objectives and nothing to shoot the Thunderfire tries to

Kill the belligerent Watchmaster to deny line breaker but failed.

End turn Deathwatch 20 – Destroyers 13

Deathwatch turn 6

Deathwatch secure positions and try to kill off the last intercessor squad but fail.

Destroyers turn 7

Once again the thunderfire tries to kill Watchmaster but he saves it like the boss he’s been all game and secures line breaker 

End Turn and End Game Deathwatch 21 – Destroyers 13

All in all a very good game, both players agreed the seizure was key and at all the key moments the Deathwatch had better dice.

Both also suggest that weapons which don’t need LOS should be -1 to hit if you can’t see the target as the thunderfire was savage.

Deathwatch MVP had to be the Watchmaster.

Destroyers MVP was the 9 attack bikes with multi meltas. Scary