Imperial Guard / Custodes Vs Chaos World Eaters / Thousand Sons

James Moore Vs Tony Andrews
2000 points each


Deployment: Dawn of War

Location: Alpha Games Bury St Edmunds

Date 05/01/2020

Both Players were practising / testing list ideas for upcoming tournaments;

James list:
Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard)
3 x Tank Commanders
Company Commander (Warlord)
Primaris Psyker
3 x 10 man Infantry squads
2 Quad guns

2 x Shield Captains on bike
3 x 3 Guard squads
Vexillus with -1 banner

Stratagem – Vindicare

Tony’s list:

Thousand Sons
2 x Daemon princes

World Eaters

Dark Apostle & friends (Warlord)
3 x Rhinos3 x 8 man units of Berserkers
Leviathan dread
Deredeo dread
Contemptor dread

James wisn the roll off and choose to deploy/go first. Tony rolls and chooses deployment, which was Dawn of War.

All deployed and ready to rumble, Tony rolls to seize, and it’s a…….. 6! That wasn’t the plan.

Turn 1

Tony advances up the rhinos on one flank and pops smoke, with the dreads shuffling forwards to range the vindicare (like a dumbass James put him up front in the deployment phase) a smattering of psychic powers are used and then move to shooting. The butcher cannons rip through the poor vindicare, and the other dreads kill a few guardsmen for their troubles. First strike and his characters can now advance safely, Tony was looking happy.

James has to do some damage, so he start by forgetting to pop the Relic of Lost Cadia (Man what a start lol). A shield captain advanced up one flank with 3 guardsmen to help screen and shuffle around the opposite flank of the rhinos. The Custodes in the middle also start moving into the centre ruin to help support either side. So keen to start shooting psychic phase got overlooked, clearly Alzheimer’s is now settling in….. The imperials manage to take out one rhino and the berserkers inside between the Russ and the quad cannons and damage another.

Turn 2

The first unit of berserkers empties out ready for blood, and the leviathan moves to unload his big one on the shield captain. Tony manages to cast what I can guess was 3,000 psychic powers between the princes and Ahriman and importantly removes the invun from the shield captain in front of the dread. Bolters plink a wound or 2 off the russes and the contemptor/deredeo struggle to get through the custodes armour as they are in cover. The leviathan is blinded by the shield captains shiny armour and whiffs only taking 2 wounds, then fails his charge. The berserkers absolutely massacre a guard squad and pile into the russ on 3 points pinning it/them in combat.

So after some consideration on average rolls, the shield captain jumps over to Khan, figuring him to be the biggest threat. The russ shuffle across to make space for the other shield captain and guard squad to pile into the berserkers. James managed to blow up another rhino and knock berserkers down a few wounds, the shield captain charges khan and the other charges the berserkers with a Custode squad, a daemon Prince heroically intervenes on the captain. James took out half the berserkers on the rhino and a number of wounds off the prince. The other vs khan hits and wounds with all 5 attacks but Tony bosses the saves only failing 1. Khan then smashes the captain who fights a second time still unable to kill him.

Turn 3

Tony moves the leviathan round the flank and warp times him into the face of the quad launchers / Basilisk. On the other flank he shuffles out the berserkers and apostle as most units are now in combat. The psychic phase was another 2-4,000 powers being cast including smiting the other captain. The leviathan knocks the Basilisk to 3 wounds but fails a charge. The prince charges and takes 5 wounds off the leman russ, the remaining berserkers kill another guard squad. In return the custodes kill the berserkers on the russ to a man.
James shuffled round the russ and custodes so I can move the damaged russ out of combat, the shooting removes the Prince, rhino and berserker so there was only an apostle left on that flank. The basilisk advances to delay the leviathan. The custodes manage a long ass charge to disrupt the contemptor and scratch the paint for the trouble.

Turn 4

Tony had a massive turn for objectives getting 7 last turn so is feeling more confident. The apostle runs trying to deny warlord. Ahriman kills himself in the psychic phase and for once there aren’t what feels like a bazillion powers cast. (He had barely failed one till now) the leviathan can’t kill the basilisk in shooting, gets mad and smashes it in combat. Khan also charges into the custodes finishing them and he consolidates grabbing a few more points.

James figure he needs to get the points so line’s up the apostle with 2 russ, he’d gained 1 flank and lost the other so the commander runs like the coward he is. Failing to kill the apostle so he grabs the objectives he can.

At this stage James is catching up on points and the game has gotten so close they forget to take pics.

Turn 5

The leviathan continues its implacable advance eating a quad mortar team but unable to charge the other as its on an objective. The apostle continues to run and can’t get out of los, and the other Prince teleports to my out in the open Commander and toasts him in 1 on 1 combat. Fateful Murphy, you didn’t make it this time.

James turn finally makes finishes off the apostle with russ fire, (Also holding king Slayer card for extra points) and fire some shots into the Prince in the open.

Final Score

It was called there as it was 3:30 and James had to get to Tesco in the next town before it shuts at 4:00 to grab dinner or Becca his new wife will be a widow! We count up the points and James is ahead by one. 20 VP – 19 VP

It’s hard to take that as a victory as we didn’t get chance to roll to see if it continued, a very close game!

James has been getting back into 40k after a long year of moving house and getting married, only 4-5 games in 2019 and great to use his new custode units too.

Good Game a rematch will be arranged soon!

James final thought:

My MVP was probably the custodian guard, tough to shift and keep the objectives alive even if they didn’t take out a huge number of points. I think I was Tony’s MVP with the deployment of the Vindicare, but I’ll let him decide.

Tony’s final thought:

Experience was the Achilles heal on the vindicare and I got lucky I’ll admit with the leviathan against it. I think khan was my MVP for me standing up to a battering from the shield captain, not once but twice and still alive (ok with one wound). Then smashed the remaining custode guard tying up my contemptor. Giving the rerolls he certainly made his worth in points.