Simon Cooper vs Will Jones

2000 points each

Mission: Territorial Control 

Deployment:  Dawn of War

Location: 4TK Colchester.

Date 03/01/2020

Both lists are test list for the upcoming 4tk league, Will is entertaining the narrative campaign Cooper is doing the competitive so this game was used as a test bed.

Battalion Detachment Hive Fleet: Kraken

Broodlord Power: Catalyst, Resonance Barb
Neurothrope Power: The Horror
Genestealers unit 4x Acid Maw 17x Genestealer: 17x Rending Claws
20x Hormagaunt unit
19x Hormagaunt unit
15x Gargoyle unit

Spearhead Detachment Hive Fleet: Kronos

Neurothrope Power: Symbiostorm, Warlord
Hive Guard 6x Impaler Cannon
Biovores [2 PL, 40pts]: Biovore
Biovores [2 PL, 40pts]: Biovore
Exocrine – Adaptive Physiology: Dermic Symbiosis

Battalion Detachment Hive Fleet: Jormungandr
Stratagem: Progeny of the Hive [-1CP]

Tyranid Prime Adrenal Glands, Boneswords, Deathspitter, Toxin Sacs
3x Ripper Swarm unit
13x Termagant (Fleshborer) unit
14x Termagant (Fleshborer) unit
9 x Tyranid Warriors unit 6 x Boneswords, Deathspitter 3 x Scything Talons, Venom Cannon
Adaptive Physiology: Enhanced Resistance
Lictor Flesh Hooks, Rending Claws+
Carnifex: Enhanced Senses, Heavy Venom Cannon, Spore Cysts, Two Deathspitters with Slimer Maggots

Battalion Detachment
Librarian in Terminator Armor Psychic Fortress, Null Zone, Force axe, Storm Bolter
Watch Captain Jump Pack, Master-crafted boltgun, Relic blade

Deathwatch Intercessors 5 x Hellblaster: Plasma incinerator 5 x Intercessor: Stalker Bolt Rifle
Deathwatch Intercessors 5 x Hellblaster: Plasma incinerator 5 x Intercessor: Bolt rifle

Deathwatch Veterans 1 x  Terminator Power Maul and Stormbolter, 1 x Terminator Power Sword and Stormbolter ,1 x Vanguard Veteran: Chainsword, Storm shield, 3 x  Veteran: Combi-plasma, Storm shield, 3 x . Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Deathwatch Frag Cannon, 1 x Watch Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Power axe

Battalion Detachment

Watch Master
Watch Master

Deathwatch Intercessors 1 x Aggressor Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, 9 x  Intercessor: Stalker Bolt Rifle

Deathwatch Intercessors, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, 4 x Aggressor Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher,  1 x InceptorTwo Plasma Exterminators, 5 x Intercessor: Auto Bolt Rifle

Deathwatch Veterans 1 x Black Shield: Chainsword, Storm Bolter, 2 x Terminator Power Maul and Stormbolter, 5 x Veteran: Storm Bolter, Storm shield, 1 x Watch Sergeant: Storm Bolter, Storm shield

Imperium – Inquisition -1CP

Inquisitor Coteaz Castigation, Malleus – Power Through Knowledge,

Stratagem: Inquisitorial Mandate

Turn 1 Tyranids

It was a few nights after Christmas and not a creature was stirring….. Except the 2000 points worth of vile Tyranids set on consuming the Deathwatch.

Will started by moving his Kraken detachment hard and fast down the left flank whilst the warriors took up a central position along with the Gargoyles to gain a bit of board control and kept his Kronos detachment at the back ready to strike.

After a solid psychic phase the Tyranids opened up on the Deathwatch, the hive guard took a kill team down from 10 to 5 men in a savage salvo but because they were next to Cortez they passed their moral. Sadly the 10 man stalker kill team above them got wiped out to 1 man by the Exocrine and warriors fire power. Cooper then spent 2cp to auto pass moral to deny 1st strike.

Turn 1 Deathwatch 

After a truly savage shooting phase by Will and his Tyranids the Deathwatch were in a sorry state, losing the majority of the stalkers, meant Cooper had no way of harming the Exocrine effectively so it was going to be an uphill struggle.

To deal with the on rushing Kraken element cooper moved his veteran squad loaded with frag cannons within striking range and obliterated the on rushing homagaunts.

In the centre, the remains of aggressor kill team moved up to combat the central Tyranid threat by destroying the Gargoyles and putting wounds on the warriors.

The far right flank was secured by storm shield vets and the 2nd watchmaster and killing a Biovore.

End turn

Deathwatch 4 VP- Tyranids 1VP

Turn 2 Tyranids

Will started by moving the Broodlord and Genestealers into striking range of the frag vets knowing with that many attacks the vets would die but needed the deep striking Lictor to deny the deadly over watch.

Sadly for him the lictor never made it on to the table after being utterly crushed by Auspex scan from the frag cannons.

In the centre the warriors murdered the remaining aggressors with help from a few smites and held a strong position, the hive guard killed the 2nd 5 man stalker kill team. While the utterly brutal Exocrine started crushing the vets on the right however, Cooper made many, many storm shield saves.

The Genestealers then charged followed by Broodlord into the frag vets which resulted in loosing all but 4 to Over watch and they died to the marine counter attack, the Broodlord done a little better by killing 3 vets after spending 2cps to fight again.

Turn 2 Deathwatch 

With the Broodlord in combat the veteran team had to fall back and kill it, which they did by unloading a brain melting amount of frag shells turning the Broodlord to paste.

Digest that hive mind!!!

In the centre Cortez opened his inner gates to the warp and conjured a super smite on the warriors  killing 2 however he took 2 wounds due to perils of the warp, he then suffered a 2nd perils and took another wound but killed another warrior the librarian could only muster a smite for 1 wound.

On the right flank the shield vets pulled the long watch card meaning they had to hold their objective for 3 turns so they stayed put and shot some warriors but failed to be effective.

With the arrival of 10 hellblasters and a watch Captain Cooper tried to kill off the Exocrine but failed. They then tried to kill the Neurothrope with synaptic severance but also failed.

Resulting charge phase saw Cortez kill of another warrior leaving 3 left while the Liberian done nothing, the watch Captain failed his charge.

End turn

Deathwatch 6 VP- Tyranids 2 VP

Turn 3 Tyranids

Will pulled Assassinate and witch hunter cards and with Cortez on 2 wounds it look like he would take a commanding lead however in the resulting melee and psychic phase the Tyranids only managed to put 1 wound on him leaving him to finish off the squad while the librarian was locked in combat with the Tyranid Prime.

The 2nd squad of Warriors moved into position to try and kill off the 4 man kill team but failed.

Once again the Exocrine opened fire with utterly brutal fire and killed off all but 2 hellblasters, the hive guard concentrated on the shield vets but failed.

Turn 3 Deathwatch 

Things were starting to look bleak, the Deathwatch didn’t have enough bodies to cause many problems but did have a commanding lead on VP’s, this was going to be tight.

The frag vets moved to the center of the table and killed the 19 homagaunts making a rush for my deployment zone while the shield vets stood still firing at Termagants to try and thin their ranks along with both watch masters.

Cortez cut down the Tyranid prime.

The watch Captain makes his charge to get into combat with the Hive guard, killing 3 the remaining hive guard cut the valiant Watch Master down but after burning of the remaining 2cps the captain gets up and fights again killing another 2. A worthy end. A true hero of the Emporium

End turn

Deathwatch 8 VP- Tyranids 6 VP

Turn 4 Tyranids

The remaining casters crush the librarian with a wave of smite but he remains with 1 wound so Will finishes him off with the Exocrine, with its 2nd round of shooting it finish’s off the remaining hellblasters, the hive guard kill 3 shield vets leaving 1 left to hold the objective on the right flank.

In the centre and with a huge sigh of relief Cortez is finally gunned down by Termagants scoring him vital points for assassinate and witch hunter putting him level.

Turn 4 Deathwatch.

It was going to be really close, if the shield vets die then Cooper would lose the game, so throwing caution to the wind the frag vets move to the center of the table killing the Termagants that cut down Cortez. The watch master moved to join them whilst the shield vet and watch master hold the long vigil.

End turn

Deathwatch 8 VP – Tyranids 8 VP

Turn 5 Tyranids

The Carnifex which has done nothing all game finally pulls its weight and kills 2 frag vets, the Exocrine finishes off the kill team but has to fire twice to do it because it was firing on its final bracket, the hive guard and Biovore kill the remaining shield vet leaving the Deathwatch with 2 watch masters, if it goes to turn 6 it will be a Tyranid win.

Turn 5 Deathwatch 

Long vigil completed cooper gets 3 vps and has an added bonus the objective card he pulled was to secure the objective the long vigil was numbered giving 4 cps for 1 objective.

There was nothing to do except pray to the dice gods.

End turn.

Deathwatch 11 VP- Tyranids 8 VP

It was then the turn of the dice gods….

They spoke, and the game did not go on

GAME OVER! Deathwatch Take the victory

What a game played in the right spirit, it’s always a slog when Cooper and Will

match up and this was no exception. Both agreed if it went to turn 6 Will would of won but it wasn’t to be.

Tyranids MVP had to be the Exocrine, buffed with magic to make 5 and 6s grant extra hits meant it was a real work horse.

Deathwatch MVP could only be the Frag Cannon Vets, because killing 600 points of Tyranids in 1 game is nothing short of amazing.Author Simon Cooper

Will setting up the Tyranids
Cooper looking over the incoming Tyranids
The Tyranids
The mighty Frag Cannons