Typhus is the only named character for Death Guards outside of Mortarion.


  • He benefits from the Character rule so is un-targetable.
  • He can cast 2 powers and deny 1.   
  • He has a 2+ armour save 4+ invulnerable save and Disgustingly Resilient
  • He is Toughness 5 which is good for a “Marine” character.
  • His Manreaper is flat 3 damage  
  • His ranged weapon over watches on a 5+
  • He buffs poxwalkers


  • He moves 4 inchs and has to half his advance roll. So he is slow around the table.
  • He is only Strength 4 which makes his combat attacks S7. This takes the punch out of his close combat attacks. If he was S5 that would make a big difference.
  • He doesn’t have a re-roll aura of any sort.

Overview and my opinion

While the list of positives is larger than the negatives, they are large negatives.

Being able to deep strike gets him up the board into the action quicker but the likely hood is you will then not be near any poxwalkers to benefit from that rule. If you are thinking of deep striking in for a charge then you are hoping to roll that 9+ and potentially leaving him exposed.

Walking him up the board with poxwalkers is a slow affair but at 5 points each a buffed poxwalker has some promise. The question you have to ask yourself “are you getting the most out of that 155 points walking him up with poxwalkers?” The answer to that question is down to you and the rest of your list. 

CA2019 brought his points down to 155 which really makes me want to use him but I haven’t found his best use yet.

For 126 points you get 3 Deathshroud that’s the same number of wounds and save as Typhus but a higher number of stronger attacks at averagely less damage per attack. The argument against this is that they can be targeted and have no physic power. Cloud of flies can sort the targeting out but it comes down to a personal choice and will depend on the rest of your army if your physic phase needs the extra punch.

Math Hammer Time

Against the average T4 3+ Intercessor in combat

The below numbers is taken with hateful assault and Death to the false Emperor into account but no re-rolls

UnitAttacksHitsWoundsUnsaved Wounds
Typhus WS2+ wounds @ 3 damage
Deathshroud WS3+ wounds @ D3 damage

So looking at the numbers Deathshroud kill a good few more marines in combat when compared Typhus.

Typhus ranged weapon has a better S and AP but still only range 6 inch’s and you have to roll to hit (BS2+)

I will continue to test him in a few games and update if my opinion changes.