Over the last 2 years I have started to play a bit more competitively and entered some tournaments at my local game stores and at Warhammer World.

In 2019 a few friends and I entered in to Heat 2 of the Warhammer World Grand Tournament.

This was certainly the biggest and most competitive tournament I had been a part of. My nerves were put at easy straight away when I played a friendly guy’s Ork army round 1 and the rest of the weekend went smoothly and was really good fun. Unfortunately last round I was drawn against my friend Tony who I travelled up there with. The unfortunate thing about this was that we went there to play different people and armies, but that’s the luck of the draw. We both knew each other’s lists and we had a good fun game to end the weekend on a high.

When it came to the results I was lucky enough to have qualified for the finals coming 19th out of 100ish and being Top Chaos Player in that Heat.

Coming soon is a multi-part review of the finals, my list, photos and hopefully some battle reports