Picture of Stevie Grognet’s Deathshroud Terminators
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Deathshroud Terminators are one of those cool units with great models, but I haven’t really used them much before as they always tipped into a point bracket which I would have rather used elsewhere. However with a few more points off in CA2019 and gaining the extra attack for hateful assault. Along with all the marines currently floating about I am looking at them again. 

Their Shooting attacks are a 6 inch S3 D6 auto hitting Pistol. So not great as you need to get very close and you will be wounding most things on 5+. You can’t use it as soon as you drop in from Deep strike as it’s out of range but being a pistol you can use it the next turn even if you’re locked in combat. It is also a plague weapon so you can re-roll 1’s to wound.  

Their combat weapon is what they are therein your army for. With 4/5 attacks each on the charge / charged S5 with a +3S weapon you are nearly always wounding marines on 2+ you also have physic powers and “Veterans of the long war” stratagem in the back pocket if you need it. 

Its -3AP so most things are going to be on a 6+ save if they don’t have an invol save. D3 damage leaves you in the hands of the dice gods, flat 2 would have been more reliable.

So with hateful assault a unit of 3 have 13 S8 attacks at -3 doing D3 damage. That is pretty good damage output in my mind for 126 points (CA2019)

They also have the body guard rule so they can take hits for a nearby Character on a 2+. I haven’t used them in this way yet, but I know they are used to keep Mortarion alive by other people. I’m not sold on that idea though seems a waste.

I used them in a tournament over the Christmas break for their first real outing and they performed well. I took Typhus to buff them which helped but Typhus was a liability over all so he is off the list. If he was S5 I would reconsider but that’s for a different post. 

3 Games, 3 deep strikes (turn 2), only 1 successful charge! This is the problem. To be fair they didn’t die straight away as my opponents had other things to deal with and they couldn’t get away so turn 3 I got the most out of them. They killed Ork HQ’s, Marines and did a good amount of damage on a knight. 

Casting Blades of Putrefaction and Putrescent Vitality helps keep them alive and up’s their damage output massively.  

One game I successfully cast the Nurgle Daemon Shrivelling Pox for -1T off against the Knight so wounding on 3’s before anything else was nice. 

I try to get the most out of units without having to rely of buffs like Physic powers as they can’t be relied upon

So since then I have been thinking of how I can get more out of them. 

Deep striking gives them a 50/50 chance with a re-roll of getting in. If they don’t there is a high chance they will become shot off the board for doing very little. 

This leads on to transport. Rhino can’t be used do the their armour so that’s out which outside of Forgeworld options only leaves us the classic Land Raider……Is  277 points (CA2019) worth it?

I’m not 100% sure and some testing needs to be done.

Watch out for my impending Land Raider posts after some test games and maybe something short on Typhus.